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With a degree in Botany and over 25 years of plant life experience, Jacob’s Gardenscape
will custom create your beautiful garden with you and your environment in mind.

Our expertise in softscaping involves careful consideration of physiology and placement of plantings
with respect to each plant’s structure and ecology.  Our passion for landscape artistry ensures to create
the style and elegance you’re looking for.

we live and breathe


At Jacob's Gardenscape, we look at your outdoor landscaping as the cover of a book that tells a story about you. In many outdoor areas, we get a glimpse of a chapter or two from its owners. Each and every garden is created uniquely to reflect you and your space.


We specialize in creating custom designed outdoor spaces for residential and commercial clients. Our focus is to deliver that extra special and distinguished landscape they are looking for.


We offer a perfect combination of passion, knowledge, & dedication for your landscaping desires. Our team will provide you with the exceptional service you deserve.  We are committed in treating both our employees and clients with honesty and respect.  We strive to go above and beyond to meet your landscaping needs.  Each and every garden is created uniquely to reflect you and your space.

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Call or email us for more information about our services, products or to join our team. We would be happy to talk and consultations are always free.

T: (647) 988.0549
F: (905) 690.2033

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Jacob’s Gardenscape was established in 2005 by Neil Jacob Obach.  It all began 27 years ago with a love for nature. Years spent studying the physiology and structures of plants led to his Bachelor of Science degree in Botany. As a new graduate, he became a designer of rock and foliage water features for a restaurant chain.  His affinity for learning plant life drew him to become a successful produce supplier of high quality organic fruits, herbs, & vegetables to restaurants and businesses.  He sold his company after becoming too busy. He realized he was no longer doing what he missed most which was creating designs.

In 1997, he finally felt fulfilled as he began to create designs through plant life and landscape artistry.

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